Additional effects


Inks based on polymers. These kind of prints have a “rubber” appearance. Characterized by a great opacity are perfect for prints on dark fabrics. Wet on wet imprinting facilitates design in multiple colors, with fine details, excellent for “half tones”, that is points. High resistance at washing.  Form a coat on the fabric surface.

Water base INK

The base is formed by gelatinized water dyed with pigments; Soft touch; Elasticity of prints identical with the fabric’s one; Usually used for pastel colors;


Embroidery pattern on the material (background), which made by cotton fabric or polyester or felt. Proposed for decorating jackets, fleece, polo shirts, sweatshirts.


Paint, which when exposed to light beam, gives the flash back effect.


Glossy, brocade paints. Offer includes a wide range of colors and density of such paints. It perfectly exposes a sample or its selected elements.


High density paints providing the effect of convex print. Perfect for exposing simple logos.


Technique consisting in covering the sample with fine granulate available in various sizes and colors. Perfectly exposes selected sample elements.


Expansible dyes. These prints get a large volume during the thermic treatment, obtaining a three-dimensional effect. Available waterbase and plastisol dyes.


Enables to achieve the effect of protrusion of sample elements, such as i.e. drops of water. Silver Gel provides the additional glitter effect.


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About printfield

is a dynamically developing screen printing house specializing in making high quality color overprints on clothing.

is a modern, fourteen-color printing machine made by renowned MHM company designed for making complex, multicolored overprints in various techniques.
this experience! Together with “Graw-Druk” company is more than 23 years experience.

is na new quality! Among our clients there are both advertising agencies and sportswear type clothing manufacturers. Regardless of the fact whether we make promotional overprints or clothing for shop selling – we put a huge emphasis on high quality of overprints.

is, above all people – perfectly prepared team of huge experienceand knowledge.

is an adventure! We treat each design as a new challenge and we do all we can to make the final effect not only satisfactory but really perfect! is a comprehensive order handlinh - from project, selection and preparation of relevant clothing to an overprint. Our graphics studio is able to design any overprint andprepare any project for printing. We cooperate with the best clothing suppliers. Our offer includes a rich assortment - from the simplest t-shirts, polo shirts., chemises and shirts to fleece blouses and jackets. It is only a part of this offer – we make overprints practically on every type of clothing, including clothing supplier by the client. We supervise ist manufacturing process including the choice of farbic, sewing and selection of additions. We print labels and inserts. Additionally, we offer screen prints on any type of promotional and advertising materials, such as, i.e. bags, caps, umbrellas, leashes, notebooks, mugs and pens.



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