Terms of cooperation



Printfield sp. z.o.o. is further referred to as the Contractor.


Orders are accepted only in written form including taxpayer identification number, detailed address, phone and fax numbers, surnames of persons responsible for the order from Contractor’s side and business stamp and legible signature of the ordering person.


A person signing the order must have the authorization for representation of the company. If this person is not included in documentation listed in point 1.4., a separate authorization for the ordering person should be sent and signed by the person authorized to represent the company.


When placing an order from the Contractor for the first time, the Orderer is obliged to send the current extract from the Commercial Register or National Court Register or the entry in the Record of Economic Activity.


If the Orderer is late with payment for the Contractor, the Contractor reserves the right not to accept the next order before the Orderer pays the back payment.


Goods purchased by the Orderer remain the Contractor’s property till the complete repayment of the amount due. In case of making decorations on goods supplied by the Orderer, the Contractor reserves the right to keep the goods with decorations until back payments included in the order are paid by the Orderer.



Before starting the order processing, the advanced payment of 50% of the order net value is required. Remaining amount has to be paid by transfer up to 14 days from the date of issuing invoice (what will take place after performing the service), unless the parties agree differently.


Partial completion of the contract: in case of supplying goods in several parts, the Orderer covers transportation costs of each part and each time he receives an invoice for delivered goods.


In situation when the Orderer withdraws the execution of the order, the Orderer is obliged to cover all expenses of losses incurred by the Contractor connected with this execution.


In situation of missing the payment deadline by the Orderer, the Contractor has a right to accrue interest for delay and charge the payer with costs of letters of demand.


In case of any matters of argument, the Orderer has no rights to suspend payments or part of payments for purchased goods. Any claims arising from matters of argument will be valid only after agreeing the common position by both parties.


The Contractor bears responsibility for the executed order only to a maximum value of this order.



In case of goods supplied by the Orderer, the Contractor reserves the possibility of damaging the 3% of goods during a decoration process. In situation when it is required to supply the Orderer with an accurate number of goods with decoration, the Orderer is obliged to deliver 3% more goods than the required amount defined in the order.


In situation when goods are purchased from the Contractor, he does not bear any responsibility for temporary shortage of goods from suppliers.


Decorations are made according to the accepted visualization of the project which defines the color of clothing and overprint and overprint dimensions. Any changes require the creation and approval of the next visualization considered as the one and only basis for the execution of the order and thereby, for possible claims. I situation when the Orderer approves the trial decoration made on his order on goods on which the decoration service is to be executed, this trial decoration is considered as the one and only basis for the execution of the order and thereby, for possible claims.



Normally, clothing with overprints and embroidery is packaged collectively in cardboard boxes. Any other packaging is additional cost.



The Orderer can accept goods with his own means of transport. On the Orderer’s order, goods can be sent by post, train or forwarding agents. Delivery costs are covered by the Orderer. The Contractor does not bear any responsibility for transportation delays caused by circumstances independent from him. The Contractor obliges himself only to send goods in selected day to be delivered with means of transport selected by the Orderer.


When accepting goods from the haulage contractor, the Orderer is obliged – in situation when cardboard boxes are damaged or goods were damaged in any way during transportation – to note this on a waybill signed in presence of thecourier.



Only goods qualified by the Contractor as damaged or not compliant with the order is subject to claims. Information about any quantitative and qualitative shortages in supplies must be provided to the Contractor in written form within the period of 3 days from a date of receiving goods by the Orderer. The Orderer covers all transportation costs connected with the return of claimed goods. Claim will be decided within the period of 10 days from its written application.


After reselling or ceding goods to the next recipient, the responsibility for any qualitative and quantitative faults is transferred to the Orderer. Control of goods before passing it to anybody is the Orderer’s responsibility. Returns of goods modified in any way will not be accepted.



The Orderer consents to use products made by the Contractor in advertising materials on Contractor’s websites, as a part of the expositions on trade fairs and as samples of Contractor’s technical abilities applying to print and embroidery. The Contractor has a right of using the information about rendering services for the Orderer in his advertising materials.


The Orderer bares full responsibility for owning copyrights or/and right for registration of the mark in the range necessary to execute the order.



The order can be rejected by the Contractor if it is not compliant with the aforementioned terms of collaboration.


All changes applying to the aforementioned terms require written form and approval of both parties under pain of invalidity.


Disputes arisen as a result of the execution of the aforementioned terms will be solved by amicable agreements. In case of no such agreement, dispute will be decided by the Court having jurisdiction over the Contractor’s seat.


In matters not regulated by this Agreement the Civil Code shall apply


When placing an order, the Orderer accepts the aforementioned arrangements.

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